Alanerv 920mg 20cps

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Alanerv 920mg 20cps
Alanerv 20 capsules what is it for? SUPPLEMENTARY SUPPLEMENT Therapeutic indications of alanerv capsules This product is proposed as an adjuvant in situations of oxidative stress such as due to increased free radicals and in the case of impaired nervous trophism, it can be used for canalicular syndromes: carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal, compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow; sensory / motor radiculopathies: lumbosciatalgia, lombocruralgia, cervicobrachialgia, disc herniation; peripheral neuropathies of different origins: toxic, metabolic, viral, ischemic. How does alanerv capsules work? Aalnerv acts thanks to its main constituents that can contribute to the maintenance of the trophism of nerve cells by counteracting the action of free radicals and preserving the integrity of cell membranes, we see the action of each single component: - Lipoic acid which is the main component, is a vitamin-like substance produced by the human body, also contained in numerous foods, this element intervenes and promotes important metabolic cycles such as the production of ATP and the regeneration of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and glutathione; - Linolenic acid which is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid, precursor of the cell membrane components; - Selenium and vitamin E instead contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress - B vitamins instead of contributing to the normal functioning of the nervous system Posology and methods of employment This product is very simple to take, 1-2 capsules a day are sufficient, to be taken during the main meals accompanied with water at room temperature drunk in small sips and you're done. Warnings Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The supplements are not intended to be substitutes for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children under three years. Components contained in alanerv capsules Alpha-lipoic acid (thioctic); borage oil titrated to 22% inacido-gamma-linolenic; gelatin; resistance agent: glycerol, triglycerides of fatty acids; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate; vitamin e natural (d-alpha-tocopherol); humectant: polyglycerol oleate; soybean oil; emulsifier: soy lecithin; dye: titanium dioxide; group B vitamin complex: vitamin B5 (calcium d-patotenate), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamine) monohydrate); dye: red iron oxide, selenomethionine. Format and conservation The product is sold in packs of 20 softgels of 920 milligrams, keeping the product in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity and out of children's reach. Cod. 01620010
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