Aquacel Ag Surgical 9x30cm 10p

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Aquacel Ag Surgical 9x30cm 10p
Aquacel Ag Surgical Class III sterile gamma-ray medical device. Sterile medication for surgical wounds, broken and wounded wounds, silver containing anti-microbial activity. The dressing is made up of 3 layers: - the inner pad, to be placed in direct contact with the suture line replaced by non-woven fabric containing the Hydrofiber(R) Technology. Thanks to its unique texture, the Hydrofiber(R) swab is micro-conforming to the sutura line, providing adequate patient comfort. Additionally, in the presence of exudate, the tampon gelifies, absorbs and retains the exudate produced, always maintaining the necessary environment for the tissue repair process. The presence of silver ions provides high spectrum antimicrobial activity. - The double-layer hydrocolloid component, which contains the inHydrofiber(R) swab, allows a strong adhesion to the skin, ensuring the flexibility needed to minimize the risk of dislocation or detachment during dressings. - The outer coating layer, made up of a polyurethane film, protects the contamination from contamination and allows the management of the flow of steam from the absorbed absorbent. How to use It must be used as primary dressing. Choose the appropriate size, such that the central absorbent pad always covers the entire suture rhyme. Apply carefully ensuring complete adhesion of the dressing to the skin. Medication should be removed when clinically indicated or in the presence of abnormal bleeding, bleeding, clinical signs of infection, and in any case not more than 7 days after application. Features Available in various sizes: 9 x 10 cm, 9 x 15 cm, 9 x 25 cm, 9 x 30 cm, 9 x 35 cm. Chemical-physical composition Sterile dressing consisting of hydrocolloid laminae and polyurethane foam film with absorbent tampon-centrifuge based on non-woven carboxymethyl cellulose (Hydrofiber(R) technology) and ionic silver (1.2%) containing elastane and nylon. Physical characteristics Absorption capacity (g / 10 cm 27 / 24h) 5.78 Absorption Absorption Absorption (g / 10 cm 2 _40mmHg) 0.362 Compression retentivity capacity (% retained) 88.87% Extensibility (force required to extend dressing by 20%) 13.19 N storage Protect from light sources, store in a dry place at room temperature (10 ? C-25 ? C). Validity 2 years. Cod. 412009/412010/412011/412012/420670
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