Aquacel Foam Adhesive Heel Tall 5p

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Aquacel Foam Adhesive Heel Tall 5p
AQUACEL FOAM ADHESIVE FORMAT Polyurethane-hydrophobic foam-plated adhesive polyurethane foam with alveolar structure, complete with a thin layer of hydrophilic acoustics with the bed of the lesion, an outer polyurethane film and a hypoallergenic silicone adhesive. The mixed-cell polyurethane layer is highly hydrophilic, absorbent, supposedly breathable and breathable. The Hydrofiber Technology Layer in direct contact with the injury of the lesion allows AQUACEL Foam to interact actively with the lesionesthesis instantly forming a soft gel that maintains the moist environment and delivers it, promoting healing and reducing the risk of maceration of the skin . The breathable outer film promotes the transmission of vapors and gases and creates a barrier-free fluid and bacteria that protects the lesion from external contamination. The silicone adhesive edge is extremely delicate to erosion, with a thin erosion. AQUACEL Foam is indicated for use in lesions from poorly mediated on: Traumatic wounds: small abrasions, lacerations and small cuts. Chronic wounds: lower limb ulcers (venous ulcers, arterial ulcers and mixed diecology ulcers), diabetic ulcers, partial and full thickness pressure ulcers. Acute wounds: surgical wounds (let them heal by second intention) and cutaneous skin areas. Oncologic wounds: high exudate lesions (cutaneous, metastatic and sarcoma tumors). It can be used both as primary and secondary dressing. LATEX FREE- FTALATI FREE. How to use Choose a form and size dressing such that the absorbent swab wider than the central area of the wound. Align the center of the dressing with the center of the wound and place the central buffer of the dressing straight away the wound. Medication should be changed when clinically indicated or when it is saturated with exudate; However no longer than 7 days of in-situ stay. AQUACEL Foam can be used as primary dressing, or secondary in combination with other products. Components Sterile dressing consisting of: an outer polyurethane foam film, a hydrophilic polyurethane foam of 2.5 mm thick density around 300 g / m 2 of the cell size of 200-300 microns, an absorbent layer of non-woven fibers from Pure sodium carboxymethylcellulose (NaCMC) surrounded by a thin and delicate silicone adhesive edge. Sterilization method: Sterilized with ethylene oxide. Warnings Testotestotesto. Reproduce any warnings / precautions for use here. storage Protect from light sources, store in a dry place at room temperature (10 ? C - 25 ? C). Validity in years: 3. Maximum time to stay in situ: 7 days. 1236535 / R 10 922859931 10 1236556 / R 17,5x17,5cm 922860059 1236567 / R 5 1236569 / R 922860085 1236574 / R 926550322 10 1377881 / R 10 1377882 / R 10 1377885 / R Available codicides and presentation / packaging modes Code Measurements Perfection Unit ISO code CodicePARAF RDM 420804 8x8cm 10 923590158 420680 10x10 cm 1236555 / R 420619 12,5x12,5cm 922859943 420621 10 1236565 / R 420623 21x21 cm 5 922860061 420624 25x30 cm 922860073 420625 20x14cm-Heel 5 1236571 / R 420626 20x17 cm-Sacro 5 922860097 420828 24x21.5cm-Sacro 5 1236575 / R 421151 10x20 cm 970527990 421153 10x25 cm 970528028 421155 10x30 cm 970528030 Retention and absorption under compression * Physical characteristics Emotional Management Capacity in 24 Hours * Total Exudate Management Capacity (TFHC) 11.00 ? 0.09 g / 10 cm? / 24 hrs Absorbency (g / g) 10.71 ? 0.54 Retention (g / g) 8.73 ? 0.29 Percentage considered 81.6 ? 2.5 Edge thickness (mm) 0.25 Adhesive Board Width (cm) 2 cm * The test was carried out according to BS EN13726-1: 2002-Test Methods for Primary Wound Dressing Steam Permeability (MVTR) (g / cm 2 ) Absorption Capacity (g / cm 2 ) Retention capacity (g / cm 2 ) 1,439 0.493 2,911 3,404 24h 0,496 48 h 2,407 72 h 0.493
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