Babygella Cleansing Wipes 15 Wipes

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Babygella Cleansing Wipes 15 Wipes
Babygella Cleaning wipes For the baby and baby cleaning at any time of the day, the practicality and delicacy of the Babygella Cleanser Wipes. What are they doing: They guarantee gentle cleansing with respect to hydrolipid film of infant and baby skin thanks to the special detergent solution they are absorbed. They prevent skin irritations and perform a moisturizing, emollient and sebum-free action thanks to the extracts of Salvia officinalis and Camomilla contained in the absorbent solution. It is good to know that: are ideal for baby cleaning at any time of the day are in soft "non-woven fabric" are free from alcohol and dyes at physiological pH they are without parabens they are without allergens dermatologically tested How to use Babygella Cleansing Wipes: Use in particular for cleansing gluteal, genital and perianal areas (diaper area) They can be used regularly for each diaper change
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