Bioclin Cr Fluid Riequil 150m

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Bioclin Cr Fluid Riequil 150m
Bioclin FLUID CREAM DERMATOLOGICAL REBALANCING Description and specifications. fluid emulsion O / W with high property 'moisturizing, soothing and protective. Facilitates the rebalancing of physiological pH and the barrier permeability 'of cute.Appositamente formulated for use on large areas of the body, it is a dermatological idealeaiuto for the specific treatment of dry, flaking, irritated, rough, chapped and irritated skin as well as 'in senile pruritus commonly associated acarente production of sebum and skin dehydration. Mode 'of use: after cleaning the affected area, apply an adequate quantity 'of emulsionefluida and massage until completely absorbed. The use of the product can 'be ripetutopiu' times a day depending on the needs'. Precautions: Product for external use, avoid contact with eyes; if risciacquarliaccuratamente. Store product in a cool dry place with cap closed.
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