Biofarmex Vigorvis Food Supplement Powder 12 Sachets 10g

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Biofarmex Vigorvis Food Supplement Powder 12 Sachets 10g
Biofarmex Vigorvis Dietary supplement A dietary supplement containing magnesium, calcium, potassium, essential amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Indicated in the states of epotassio magnesium deficiency; It is suitable to replenish salts lost through sweating, with excessive physical glisforzi, with diarrhea or with the increase of diuresis. Recommended event of an physical fatigue, convalescence, organic debilitation, states affaticamentogenerale, hypovitaminosis being prolonged antibiotic therapy. ingredients Maltodextrin food; calcium carbonate; potassium bicarbonate; pineapple aroma; magnesioossido; colloidal anhydrous silica; tartaric acid; L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, L-creatine monohydrate; carnitine tartrate; thioctic acid (alpha lipoic acid); taurine; vitamin C (ascorbic acid); choline bitartrate; L-carnosine; L-methionine; L-cisteinabase anhydrous; zinc citrate; D-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E); SelenoExcell seleniosu yeast (1.2 mg / g); sucralose; nicotinamide (vitamin B3); D-calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5); Vitamin A acetate; Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol); manganese gluconate; CoQ10 (ubidecarenone); Pyridoxine (vitamin B6); Thiamine (vitamin B1); Riboflavin (vitamin B2); biotin (vitamin H); Folic acid (vitamin B9); cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). How to use It is recommended to take 1 sachet per day dissolved in a glass of water. Siraccomanda caution below 12 years of age, halving the daily doses. warnings Do not administer in case of kidney failure. Not recommended for use in gravidanza.Per use in children is recommended to seek the advice of the doctor. Not esistonocontroindicazioni in overdose. Do not exceed the dose giornalieraraccomandata. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age diet. The food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a dietavariata. nutritional characteristics 100 mg 50 mg 50 mg 25 mg 100 mg 50 mg 75mg for 1 sachet 10 g % RDA Energy value 28.7 kcal - 121.9 kJ carbs 6.50 g protein 0.88 g lipids 0.95 g minerals Football Magnesium Manganese Potassium Selenium Zinc 242 mg 200 mg 0.30 mg 200 mg 12?g 5 mg 20% 44% 3% 14% 22% amino acids arginine carnitine carnosine cysteine Creatine methionine taurine micronutrients alpha-lipoic acid CoenzymeQ10 Choline 75 mg 1 mg 25 mg vitamins Folic acid vitamin A vitamin B1 VitaminaB2 vitamin B3 vitamin B5 vitamin B6 vitamin B12 C vitamin vitamin D3 Vitamin E VitaminaH 100 micrograms 900 micrograms 0.70 mg 0,80mg 8 mg 6 mg 0.82 mg 0.50 micrograms 60 mg 5 g 5 mg 225?g 25% 75% 33% 33% 30% 67% 27% 20% 33% 67% 17% 100% Format Box of 12 sachets of 10 g of granulated.
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