Biogena Slimgo 250ml

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Biogena Slimgo 250ml
Biogena Slimgo Biogena Slimgo is a firming and reducing serum, aids slimming regimes. Biogena Slimgo effectively prevents and fights cutaneous relaxation caused by weight loss, optimizing the results of low-calorie diets, driving weight loss on the body areas to be treated. Based on Aosaina (extracted from the oceanic algae Ulva Lactuca) and Echinacina B (active ingredient of Echinacea Eangustifolia), associated with Escin and Methylxanthines. Property: Biogena Slimgo is the ideal completion of the diet; a cosmetic product studied scientifically to obtain the best possible cosmetic result from slimming and to minimize any unwanted consequences. Biogena Slimgo has in fact the extraordinary property of making the treated body areas capable of exploiting the slimming effect of the diet in a preferential way. It allows therefore to drive on these, the weight loss and to "reshape" the body figure. Biogena Slimgo contains: Aosaina: extracted from the oceanic algae Ulva lactuca, fights the cutaneous relaxation caused by weight loss and compact the tissues, favoring the production in the dermis of new elastic and supporting fibers; Echinacin B: active ingredient of Echinacea angustifolia, fights skin sagging caused by weight loss and compact tissues, promoting the production of new elastic and supporting fibers in the dermis; Escin: helps to accelerate lymphatic drainage; Theophylline and Diprofillin: "drive" weight loss, predisposing adipose tissue to fat breakdown. How to use: Apply every evening before lying down on the regions of the body on which the desired effect is to be developed, massaging with the tips of the fingers. The treatment should be continued throughout the period of the diet, but can also be followed beyond the duration of the diet and whenever you want to take advantage of its strong firming and toning action. Format: 250 ml bottle
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