BioNike Gynexelle Leni-Gel 30ml

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BioNike Gynexelle Leni-Gel 30ml
BioNike Gynexelle Leni - Gel The Leni-Gel's newest line of Gynexelle Bionike is a lipophilic gel that contrasts burning and redness of the intimate areas both male and female. Lipogel intimate anti-redness Gynexelle Leni-Gel Bionike What Leni-Gel Gynexelle Bionike: Leni-Gel Gynexelle line Bionike is an intimate lipogel designed specifically to soothe burning and redness. Leni-Gel Bionike is a lipophilic gel to the skin and the mucous membranes of the genital female and male, based on effective emollient and enriched with soothing ingredients specifically designed to act on intimate areas. Leni-Gel Gynexelle has a soothing action of the states of dryness of mucous membranes apparatus general and prevents and reduces redness and burning sensations. How do I use Leni-Gel Gynexelle Bionike: Apply the Leni-Gel Gynexelle locally after thorough cleansing, daily or as needed. Once opened, use and store the product properly. What's Leni-Gel Gynexelle Bionike: Shea butter and almond oil, Zanthoxylum bungeanum extract, vitamin E, ceramide 2. Format: 30 ml tube.
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