Biorepair Toothbrush Pro Medium 1 Toothbrush

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Biorepair Toothbrush Pro Medium 1 Toothbrush
Biorepair Toothbrush Pro Medium Biorepair Toothbrush PRO the innovative shape of the toothbrush Biorepair PRO removes 90% more plaque than normal toothbrushes! Thanks to the innovative inclination of the neck, the surface of the Biorepair(R) Pro brush bristles is positioned parallel to the gingival groove, ensuring full contact between bristles, teeth and gums even within the oral cavity. Result: MORE EFFECTIVENESS because it uses the contact of all the bristles even inside the mouth without tilting the toothbrush MINOR STRENGTH creates a wider brushed arc by reducing the wrist rotation for a more comfortable movement All the toothbrushes present on the market have a vertical or curved handle, so the head faces a certain degree of difficulty in overcoming the incisal margin of the teeth to reach and clean even the most hidden inner surfaces. The use of such toothbrushes is less effective and less comfortable with the risk of damage to the gums and lead to partial removal of the plaque BIOREPAIR RECOMMENDS TO USE BASS TECHNOLOGY DURING THE USE OF THE BRUSH The only technique recommended by all dental hygienists and dentists . It consists of brushing your teeth using a movement that starts from the gum and goes to the tooth , this technique allows to remove more plaque than a horizontal toothbrush without injuring the gums.
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