Breast Up Cr 150ml

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Breast Up Cr 150ml
BreastUp CREAM Indications: improves skin elasticity, counteracts the imperfections of aging, such as wrinkles and stretch marks; counteracts the relaxation of the breast, favorendonel'aumento tone. How to use: apply the cream in the morning and / or evening, with gentle circular massage dall'internoverso the outside, until completely absorbed. The treatment should be continued for at least two months, but if necessary, it puocontinuare for longer periods, depending also on the initial conditions, until obtaining the desired effect. Features: Cream-gel non-greasy, easily absorbed, moisturizing effect, firming, toning and firming the breast. Contains plant collagen, rich in amino acids, extract of Kigelia africana and diQuillaja saponaria extract, Helichrysum, Hay greek, Hop, White Lily, Fennel Oil, Soybean Extract, Rosehip, of Galega, Hemp oil. Properties: - Collagen: gives support and strength to the entire skin structure, invirtu the particular three-dimensional scaffold of its molecule. The hydrapulping collagen therefore play action support, cushioning and protection. Warnings: not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. Components: complex tensor-firming dermotenseur based kigelia African and quillajasaponaria 2%; distilled orange flower 3%; extract hay greek 2%; hop extract 2%; white lily extract 2%; fennel extract 2%; estrattodi elicriso 2%; Rosehip extract 1%; extract galega 1%; soybean oil 2%; oliodi hemp 1%. Format: 150 ml tube. Cod. 180122
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