Caisse Formula Alim Polv 120g

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Caisse Formula Alim Polv 120g
Caisse Formula Food supplement useful for purifying the body. Ingredients Root of bardana; Rhubarb root; Bark of red olm (autoctonacanadian variety); sorrel; clover; Bark of thorny ash (autoctonacanadian variety); plantain. Herbs are all organic and cuttings are collected in nature. How to use You pour a teaspoon of satin powder powder contained in the jar in unataza of about 250 ml. Add boiling water, spin and wait 15 minutes for the powder to settle on the bottom. After filtering with a paper or cotton filter, you sip tea by leaving the deposits at the bottom of the cup. It is advisable to take one teaspoon twice a day, preferably one hour before or two hours after meals. It is also advisable to start taking half-dose and after three days reach the recommended dose. Format Bottle of 60 or 120 g of powder.
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