Camovis Nature Drops 50ml

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Camovis Nature Drops 50ml
CAMOVIS NATURE Food supplement made from plant extracts, assisting in all lepsicosomatizzazioni stress Gastrointestinal (colonpatie spastic, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, intestinal bloating), has an action enterospasmolitica, regulator of intestinal motility, anti-inflammatory and normalizing ledisritmie cortico-hypothalamic pituitary; It reduces intestinal gas, eliminating spasmidella intestinal muscles; It is useful in altering the peristalsiintestinale: constipation, diarrhea. In gastric dyspepsia, ulcers, etc. ilripristino promotes balance between aggressive factors and mucosal protective intestinale.Agisce effectively as soothing in case of inflammation of the mucous membranes of trattogastrointestinale. And also an excellent draining and mesenchymal attivatoreimmunitario. Gentiana lutea L. radix (Genzianaradice) Tonic bitter aperitif. Among the active principles we find many bitter substances, including ilgenziopicroside (genziopicrina) which is the component quantitatively piuimportante. Then there sverziamarina and amarogentin, a glycoside acylated. This, puressendo present in small percentages, is the component qualitativamentedeterminante through its index of bitterness: 58,000,000. These, and other bitter principles, give the plant its characteristic sour taste bitter that also preserves adiluizione 1: 12.000. The Gentiana lutea increases salivary secretion, production diacids gastric and biliary secretion. Among its properties recall quellaeupeptica and the bitter-scialagoga resulting from stimulation, in cephalic phase, the gustatory nerves. It is used to good effect in the gas or in parassitosiintestinale in drowsiness and postprandial gastric nell'iposecrezione. Anthemis nobilis L. Flos (Chamomile romanafiori) The main properties that interest us here are: antispasmodic, hypnotic, sedative due, mainly, apigenin and suoiderivati. It performs the following functions: protection of the mucous membranes, facilitates guarigionein case of exfoliation or abrasion, anti-toxic drainage. Raphanus niger radix (Radish neroradice) It contains high concentrations of that element sulfur, which gives the piantaun'azione of enzymatic activation level hepatocyte (thanks all'azionespasmolitica on the smooth muscle of the bile ducts), noncheun'attivita colecistocinetica is then shown in the forms of litiasibiliare, but Also in arthritic manifestations and urticaria (causing aumentodella diuresis). Lingonberry L. ramulus novus (Cranberry young shoots) It is a valuable remedy for all ailments affecting the colon, including idisordini bacterial flora and the physical and psychological consequences. Action regolatricebifasica function, stimulating and toning the colon in case of inaction, ie with colitis associated with constipation, and acting in the sedative and antispasmodic. incaso of overtone or in the presence of colon spasmodic, with events diarrheal oalternate. Through standardization of colonic metabolism, it is miglioratol'assorbimento of essential nutrients. It has action reticoloistocitariaed and therefore can stimulate the immune system. It is the remedy elettivodello decompensation of organic "soil" that is manifested by phenomena of latinizzazionetissutale at all levels. Ficus carica L. Turio (Fig gems) It is a draining of the nervous system and is the herbal mantenimentodell'omeostasi and rhythms of the psycho-biological. He owned diencephalic, antidistonica, antispasmodic and sedative of the autonomic nervous system, with particolaretropismo corticoipofisario-hypothalamic axis. Regulates the functions and thymic lediscrasie between the psyche and the body, which act relentlessly through turbeneurovegetative. For these, the intervention of ficus carica is essential whatever theorigin the clinical context or constitutional. The Ficus carica, in association aMirtillo red, has an important role in balancing the soil diatonic. Eun essential remedy for allergic reactions, somatic localizations ditutte psychological disturbances (even such reaction of the external environment), affective, emotional and dell'eretismo nervous, what are the irritations and disorders dellamotilita colon, up to extend its beneficial to disturbigastroduodenali. Mucous membranes has eroded healing action. Its action enzimaticatocca all metabolisms: protein methabolism through proteases like papain; glucidicoattraverso amylase, lipid through lipodiastasi. A level gastrointestinaleFicus charge an elective tropism for the stomach, duodenum, and the autonomic nervous system edesercita a pharmacological antispasmodic, sedative and then lievementenarcotica. Zyzyphus jujube (jujube) It has a purifying, analgesic, healing. The presence of flavonoids determinaun'azione sedative. Ingredients per daily dose Ficus carica (turio) fluid extract 0.7 ml Vaccinum vitisidea (gems) solution idrogliceroalcolica 0.5 ml Anthemis nobilis (leaves) fluid extract 0.4 ml Gentiana lutea (root) extract fluid 0.1 ml Raphanus niger (root) extract fluid 0.1 ml Zyzyphus jujuba dry 0.14 ml Fumaria officinalis extract fluid 0.06 ml How to use 35/50 drops three times a day before meals (acute) 20 drops 2 times a day primadei meals (chronic). Warnings Do not take during pregnancy and lactation. Children are recommended to seek the advice of your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under three years of age. The supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. The product contains L-phenylalanine and is therefore contraindicated in cases difenilchetonuria. Format Drops 50 ml
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