Cer Cutiflex Strip 20mic M 10p

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Cer Cutiflex Strip 20mic M 10p
Cutiflex Strip TAPE CLEAR WATERPROOF Indications: mechanical barrier, for compression and / or absorption of the essudati.Per perfectly protect it from external agents small lesions, in particular inpresenza water, liquids and dirt. Mode of use: - Cutiflex must be applied from the edge color blue; - Apply the first half of plaster on the wound; - Firmly press the edges of the patch for optimal adhesion; - Remove the outer skin from the edge blue; - Remove the protective paper master aid is still present; - Attach the other half of the patch. Features: patch transparent polyurethane sole with patented ergonomic shape porzionecentrale allargata.La particular structure of the polyurethane forms a barrier against water and bacteria maconsente the skin to breathe without maceration process. Components: film backing 100% polyurethane with a thickness of 20 microns, waterproof eai bacteria, trasparente.Garza buffer in non-woven fibers of viscose, polyester and polyethylene, confilm nonstick microperforato.Adesivo melt rubber based thermoplastic, free of solvents. Cod. 011.12 / 011.10 / 011.16 / 011.14
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