Citrak Forte

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Citrak Forte
Citrak Forte sachets what is it for? Citrak Forte sachets is a dietary supplement of potassium recommended in cases of reduced intake with the diet or in cases of increased physiological needs, thanks to its mix of active ingredients can be effective in all cases of physical fatigue caused by intense physical activity or from potassium deficiencies in general. Average analysis for 100 g per 4 g sachet energy value 106 Kcal 4.2 Kcal 441 kj 17.6 kj proteins (Nx6,25) 0 g 0 g carbohydrates 43 g 1.7 g of which polyalcohols 41.4 g 1.65 g fat 0 g 0 g potassium citrate 50 g 2 g of which potassium 19.0 g 760 mg How should Citrak Forte sachets be used? In a very simple way it is sufficient to dissolve the contents of one sachet in a glass of water at room temperature and to drink in small sips, it is advisable to take two sachets a day or ask your doctor. Composition of Citrak Forte sachets Potassium Citrate, Sweetener: Mannitol, Acidifier: Citric Acid, Flavor, Sweetener: Acesulfame K, Coloring: Beta Carotene. Additional information Contains polyalcohols, excessive consumption can give laxative effects. In what circumstances should Citrak Forte sachets be taken? In addition to the conditions mentioned above: - in the treatment with diuretics (thiazides, thiazide-like, furosemide), - in digital treatment, - in the states of hypercorticism (CONN Syndrome, CUSHING Syndrome), - in treatment with cortisones and ACTH, - in profuse diarrhea and vomiting, - in the treatment with insulin, - in diabetic ketoacidosis, - hepatic failure (as in the case of cirrhosis of the liver), - in periodic muscle paralysis, - in the post-operative period. Citrak Forte does not contain sugars and can therefore also be taken by individuals with impaired glucose metabolism. Potassium citrate 2 g Storage and packaging The product must be stored in a cool and dry place away from sources of heat and humidity. Keep Citrak Forte sachets out of children's reach, the product is sold in packs of 30 sachets.
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