Collagen Cleansing Soft-Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser 200ml

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Collagen Cleansing Soft-Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser 200ml
Collagenil Cleansing Soft-Scrub Detergent Exfoliating and smoothing cleansing treatment - with "natural" mechanical action - also usable every day thanks to its gentle action that respects skin physiology. Its microspheres exfoliate without scratching, reddening or pinching. FEATURES With Soft-Scrub Detergent, the skin grain is refined. Her face is smooth, silky and bright. COMPOSITION Sweet Almond Oil (INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil) NUTRIENT AND ELASTICIZING Jojoba oil (INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Oil) EMOLIENT FACTOR OF HIGH LEAVING PROPERTIES Vitamin A (INCI: Retinyl Palmitate) riepitelizzante Malva extract (INCI: Malva Sylvestris Extract) LENITIVE ACTION Aloe Vera (INCI: Aloe) IDRATING, DECONGESTING AND DISPLAYING ACTION Bisabololo (INCI: Bisabolol) DISCUSSION AND LENITIVEN ACTION microspheres MECHANICAL TYPE DEFROSTING ACTION INDICATIONS Designed for all skin types, revealing the natural brightness of the skin, smoothes and exfoliates with delicacy. Its creamy, energetic and refreshing consistency awakens the color thanks to the exfoliating microspheres.
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