Compeed Vesciche Small 6 Patches

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Compeed Vesciche Small 6 Patches
Compeed Patches For Blisters To treat and prevent blistering, choose the COMPEED(R) Vesciche that best suits your needs. The bladders are painful lesions full of liquid that can form as a result of excessive pressure, frictions and continuous rubbing usually caused by inadequate shoes or for a particular conformation of the foot, such as the hallux valgus. The bladders are formed very quickly and can take several days to heal. If a bladder breaks and opens it can get infected and be very painful. As soon as a bladder is formed, one must act immediately to minimize the damage. Avoid wearing anything that rubs against the bladder and applies pressure-reducing protection such as COMPEED(R) Vesciche. How does COMPEED(R) work? Applied on the bladder, the COMPEED(R) patches act as a "second skin", giving rapid relief from pressure and pain and protecting against water, dirt and bacteria. COMPEED(R) works if applied during any bladder stage, although the latter will heal faster, the patch will be applied as soon as possible. COMPEED(R) Vesciche is based on 'Idrocolloide', a material able to effectively cure the blisters, absorbing the liquid and preventing the formation of crusts. COMPEED(R) creates an optimal environment for wound healing and is able to: - to promote the natural healing mechanisms of the skin - protect nerve endings for rapid pain relief. COMPEED(R) Vesciche offers great advantages in the following parameters: - Fast healing of the blisters. - Protection of the bladders by further pressure and friction. - Optimal adhesion, even on sweaty skin. - Discreet on the skin. - Easy to use.
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