Compeed Bandages for Corns Large Format 2 Patches

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Compeed Bandages for Corns Large Format 2 Patches
Compeed Bandages for Corns Plaster suitable for larger calluses, generally formanosull'avampiede. Hypoallergenic. The calluses, that layers of dead skin cells and hardened, are caused by ripetutepressioni, exercised on a specific area, which stimulate the production of cellulecutanee. These barriers constitute the protective response of the body to general pressione.In, corns and calluses are the same thing, since they are both causatidall'indurimento of the skin, in response to pressure or friction. The difference principalesta in the fact that the calluses represent deeper cutaneous horns elocalizzati, while calluses tend to cover a larger area of the skin and nonpenetrano in depth as calluses. The calluses arise soprattuttonell'avampiede and heels and are yellow / dark brown. Compeed corns gives quick relief from pain and exerts a protective action controacqua, dirt and germs. The hydrocolloid technology keeps the skin hydrated and esercitaun'azione emollient on the cornea, providing suitable conditions for healing. The repeated pressure on the skin causes the epidermis kinds unacallosita. Often, the cornea can appear wounds and injuries that generanodolore and discomfort. Compeed corns gives quick relief from pressure and pain, acting dacuscinetto to the affected area. The hydrocolloids in Compeed corns create a soothing environment able to soften the skin, keeping it hydrated and thus providing suitable conditions for healing. Mode of use For best results, soften calluses dipping your toes warm Inacqua. Remove hardened skin by rubbing gently with your fingers or unasciugamano. Do not use a file. Dry the skin completely. Heat Compeed in his hands for a minute before application. Remove foil decorated, being careful not to touch the adhesive. Remove the white film. Avoid touching the adhesive. Apply Compeed directly on the cornea. After you apply it, heat Compeed for another minute productlabel placing a hand. Leave Compeed applied until it falls off. Repeat the treatment again, removing the softened skin after each footbath, until the cornea has been gradually removed and the skin appears to nuovoliscia and soft. As the skin heals, the plaster loses grip alone. Inthis way, it acts as a "second skin". If you need to remove Compeed, gently pull the edge of the patch, stretching it in the direction parallel to the skin. Compeed corns should be removed every 48 hours. Format Pack of 2 pieces.
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