Compeed Patches Inner Callipers Fingers 6 Discs

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Compeed Patches Inner Callipers Fingers 6 Discs
Compeed Callifughi patches Specifically designed for the calluses present between the toes. They have a disk of built-in salicylic acid, thus making the exact application on the problem easier. Compeed patches ensure maximum comfort throughout the day. Compeed's hydrocolloidal patches are thin and discreet, adapting to your foot like a second skin. Since the lime pad is incorporated and the patch is water repellent, the salicylic acid remains in place for effective treatment. Features - With a disc of salicylic acid. - Specially designed to remove calluses between the fingers. - The hydrocolloid patch technology allows the softening of the callus. Format Pack with 6 disks.
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