Vanity Glass Body 1.00

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Vanity Glass Body 1.00
CorpOOtto GLASSES Features: Line of pre-assembled eyeglasses. They are distinguished by: - technology: light, thin lenses, subjected to hardening and anti-reflection treatment, - practicality: flexible rods and resistant frames, - aesthetics: attention to detail, variety of colors and patterns. 16 eyewear models: - For those who love classicity: Eton Plus and Oxford Plus; - For those who love colors and want to change, they are suitable for plastic modelsPolo, Style, Gallery and Vanity; - Design Ice Design, Navy Design, Design Wine and Blue Design offer the right mixture design and technology; - For those who want above all the comfort and convenience of use, Classic Imagery, Comfort, Opera, Silver, Flex, Club. Code 310852/310853/310854/310855/310856/310857/310890/310881/310892/310883/310894/310909/310901/310902/310903/310904/310905/310912/310880/310881/310882/310883/310884/310907 / 310858/310859/310832/310860/310861/310859/310863/310310/310311/310312/310313/310314/310841/310895/310896/310896/310898/310899/310911/310805/310806/310807/310808/310809/310842/310810 / 310811/310814/310812/310813/310814/310844/310885/310886/310887/310888/310889/310908/310864/310865/310866/310867/310868/310869/310875/310876/310877/310878/310879/310906/310320/310321 / 310322/310323/310324/310845/310914/310916/310915/310913/310846/310847/310848/310849/310850/310851/310829/310830/310831/310832/310833/310834/310815/310816/310817/310818/310819 / 318043
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