Crioven supplement 24cpr

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Crioven supplement 24cpr
CRIOVEN Food supplement comprising an association of, diosmin, centella asiatica, procyanidole oligomers (vitis vinifera), vitamin C, also in function deidifferenziati absorptions, allow a complete, synergistic and lasting protection, in the 24 hours, the venous system and a quick relief from the feeling of heavy legs, swelling, night cramps, burning and itching in the legs. The epiteliointravenoso and perivenous connective are the two leaders of the sintomatologiavenosa; the product due to its complete formulation, acts on both causeristabilendo a physiological situation and thereby reducing the disturbovenoso. Diosmin It restores a normal balance between fibrinolysis and fibrinosintesi, conserval'integrita endothelial fibrin film and then corrects for both lapermeabilita that capillary fragility by increasing the tone. The metabolitidella diosmin fixating on venous tunics are the real culprits dell'azioneflebotonica encouraging, in practice, the mobilization of stasis and edema. Centella Asiatica Due to its function triterpene acid (Asia - madecassic -asiaticoside - madecassicoside) normalizes tissue metabolism connettivaleperivenoso increasing collagen production of fibroblasts, ciopoiche the normal presence of alanine and proline in the protein structure delcollagene is restored. It therefore has an action on the connective venous similar aquella of an elastic stocking with physiological action antisfiancamento, a aumentosia tone both elasticity and therefore a better microcirculation (azionevis overleaf), reduced vascular permeability, a reduction of ' edema. Procyanidole oligomers (OPC) of vitisvinifera Neutralize the proteolytic enzymes present in inflammatory venous chedanneggerebbero the venous endothelium, collagen and elastin. Esplicanoanche strong activity against free radicals and anti-degenerative metabolic action. Neconsegue a greater vascular resistance, a lower permeability, an increase deltono and then the microcirculation with edema reduction. Vitamin C And 'known for its ability to reduce capillary fragility, diproteggere the venous system and play a role in synergistic antioxidant quellodegli procyanidole oligomers. Crioven is particularly active in angiology as a protective system venosodegli lower limbs (heaviness, swelling, burning, itching, edema, orthostatic, night cramps), where hemorrhoidal in varicose ulcers, bruising, bruising, purpura, bleeding of the gums. In dermatology can find rational impiegonelle trophic skin changes. Ingredients Diosmin; Gotu Kola; procyanidole oligomers (of vitisvinifera); vitamin C. How to use Take 2 tablets daily with meals. Warnings Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. For women who are pregnant or nursing women or children, it is recommended to hear the pareredel doctor. Format Pack of 24 tablets. Cod. 180.
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