Balestra & Mech Decottopia Diur-Mech 500ml Food supplement

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Balestra & Mech Decottopia Diur-Mech 500ml Food supplement
Balestra & Mech Decottopia Diur-Mech Decottopirica class: 12 o Buoyancy Decottopirici of diuresis Description: Food supplement with no alcohol, no sugar, no preservatives, no gluten. Physiological effect: Equisetum, Asparagus, Birch: drainage of body fluids, functions of the urinary tract. Product features: Swelling, unjustified increase in weight, sometimes even elevated blood pressure can be a sign of excessive water retention. Diur-Mech uses the active ingredients of 12 herbs to phase out from the body fluids that do not serve. The extract acts as a general cleansing making several minerals; also notable that urolitica activity and antioxidant action. It has no effect on systemic blood pressure. The plants: Horsetail, asparagus, birch, cypress, couch grass, corn, dandelion, Bearberry, Fennel, Elderberry, red sorrel, Anise. Packaging: Available in 500 ml bottle.
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