Balestra & Mech Decottopia Gastricol Food Supplement 500ml

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Balestra & Mech Decottopia Gastricol Food Supplement 500ml
Balestra & Mech Decottopia Gastricol Decottopirica class: 01 o Antigastritici Decottopirici Description: Food supplement with no alcohol, no sugar, no preservatives, no gluten. Without Fucus without Licorice. Physiological effect: Licorice: functionality of the digestive system; Chamomile: regular gastrointestinal motility and elimination of gases, softening and soothing action (digestive system). Product features: Heaviness and burning, typical of post-meal, sometimes the problem is also how you eat. Gastricol decottopirico is a mix of herbs that help the stomach to perform its function safely, alleviating the effects of dietary irregularities and stress. The extract works by reducing gastric secretion and promoting relaxation of smooth muscles. Plants: Liquorice, Altea, chamomile, anise, mint, fennel, Melissa, Juniper, Orange, Spirea ulmaria, goldenrod, marigold, echinacea. Packaging: Available in bottles of 250 and 500 ml.
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