Dermoxen Dermoliq 4girls Body

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Dermoxen Dermoliq 4girls Body
DermoXEN 4 Girls Body Gel formulated for delicate skin of girls, which may often be subject to redness and intolerance. Thanks to the extracts of propolis and neem oil, it exerts a nutritious, softening and refreshing action. It leaves perfectly clean tiles, respecting its hydrolipidic equilibrium. Non-allergenous perfume. Without: parabens, SLS, SLES. Dermatologically tested. High tolerance to the skin and vaginal epithelium. Tested for nickel, chrome, cobalt, mercury and palladium. Based on natural, completely biodegradable surfactants. How to use For bath and shower: apply the gel on wet skin, rinse thoroughly. He used the product without diluting it in water. Warnings External use. Components Propolis extract; Neem oil. Format 250 ml bottle. Cod. 8011 Bibliography - "Quality and Efficacy of Tribulus Terrestris as an Ingredient for Dermatological Formulations". Gian Pietro Di Sansebastiano, Maria De Benedectis, Davide Carati, Dario Lofrumento, Miriana Durante, Anna Montefusco, Vincenzo Zuccarello, Giuseppe Dalessandro and Gabriella Piro. Celleno L., "Cosmetology Dermatology" ed. New Techniques, 2008. - Sertoli A., "Professional and eduational allergology dermatology", ed. Scientific Thought, 1991. - Draize JH, Woodgard G., Calvery HO: "Methods for the study of irritation and toxicity of substances applied topically to the skin and mucous membranes". J. Pharmacol. Exp Ther. 82, 377 (1944). - Murad Alam Hay, SB Glamston, Rebecca C. Tung, "CosmeticDermatology" Ed. Dirk M. Elston.
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