Dermoxen Det Int Proneem 200ml

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Dermoxen Det Int Proneem 200ml
DermoXEN PRONEEM Intimate detergent with antibacterial agents, daily women's hygiene during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Useful for those who attend swimming pools, beaches and other places at risk. Ideal also in the post-partum period. It is a valid adjuvant in normal pharmacological treatments in women with recurrent hemicotic bacterial infections. With propolis extract and Neem oil, with emollient and moisturizing action. Arricchitocon extract of tribulus terrestris, helps to prevent and counteract the proliferation of bacteria. Non-allergenous perfume. Without: parabens, SLS, SLES. Dermatologically tested. High tolerance to the skin and vaginal epithelium. Tested for nickel, chrome, cobalt, mercury and palladium. Based on natural, completely biodegradable surfactants. How to use Apply a small amount of product on wet skin (press 2 voltsul doser) and massage gently. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly. Warnings External use. The product is not intended for intolerance to one of the ingredients. Components Tribulus terrestris; Neem oil; Propolis extract. Format 200 ml bottle, with dispenser. Cod. 8040 Bibliography - "Quality and Efficacy of Tribulus Terrestris as an Ingredient for Dermatological Formulations". Gian Pietro Di Sansebastiano, Maria De Benedectis, Davide Carati, Dario Lofrumento, Miriana Durante, Anna Montefusco, Vincenzo Zuccarello, Giuseppe Dalessandro and Gabriella Piro. Celleno L., "Cosmetology Dermatology" ed. New Techniques, 2008. - Sertoli A., "Professional and eduational allergology dermatology", ed. Scientific Thought, 1991. - Draize JH, Woodgard G., Calvery HO: "Methods for the study of irritation and toxicity of substances applied topically to the skin and mucous membranes". J. Pharmacol. Exp Ther. 82, 377 (1944). - Murad Alam Hay, SB Glamston, Rebecca C. Tung, "CosmeticDermatology" Ed. Dirk M. Elston.
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