Deroxen Pet Line Teknofarma 100ml

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Deroxen Pet Line Teknofarma 100ml
Deroxen Pet Line Teknofarma Cutaneous Foam Foam indicated for the preventive hygiene of the skin and hair of the dog and cat, to keep them clean and healthy and to create an unfavorable environment for the onset of alterations of the skin microbial flora, including the formation of bacterial biofilms, allergies, itches and exudative processes that cause foul-smelling and oily skin. It associates with the sanitizing action of its components, the soothing and soothing properties of Bisabolol (natural extract of the essential oil of Matricaria Chamomilla) and the keratolytic, keratoplastic and moisturizing agents of Allantoin, which stimulates skin repair processes and promotes the natural replacement of the layer horny epidermis, accelerating the healing of wounds and skin lesions of various kinds. It is also indicated as an adjuvant to drug therapies following atopic dermatitis, flea allergy dermatitis, food allergies, micro-organisms (bacteria and yeast) overgrowth, pyoderma, dermatophytosis and promotes the restoration of normal physiological conditions and skin integrity. Prolonged contact of the product on hair and skin ensures an optimal result. The use of Deroxen Pet Line Foam is particularly practical and useful for use on limited areas, for puppies in which the bathroom may not be recommended and for cats that often do not like classic shampoo. Deroxen Pet Line Foam can be used as a maintenance between baths of Deroxen Pet Line Shampoo. Components Water, cocoylamidopropylbetaine, isopropyl alcohol, alpha-bisabolol 1%, chlorhexidinadigluconate 0.71%, allantoin 0.4%. It does not contain parabens, dyes, lauryl sulphates (SLS and SLES). How to use Spray the foam and distribute it evenly over the entire body of the animal or only on the parts to be treated, allowing it to penetrate up to contact with the skin. At the end of the application, the skin and hair must be uniformly moist; gently comb the animal if necessary. Do not dry and do not rinse. Repeat initially every day or every other day, then at longer intervals as needed. For animals with cuter pathologies, always contact your veterinarian. storage Validity in unopened packaging: 60 months. Format 100 ml bottle.
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