Deroxen Pet Line Oto 75ml

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Deroxen Pet Line Oto 75ml
DEROXEN PET LINE OTO Description Otological solution indicated for the preventive hygiene of the external ear of the dog and of the cat, to keep it clean and healthy and to create an unfavorable environment for the instauration of microbial skin flora, including the formation of biofilmbatterici, and exudative processes. As a result of poor cleaning and alterations in physiological conditions, the ear can become grainy, smelly and itchy. Thanks to the sanitizing action of its components combined with the known soothing properties and natural remedies of Calendula and Helichrysum and to a delicate deep cleansing action, Deroxen Pet Line Oto acts directly on the causes of the active odor and itching favoring the removal of dirt, cellular debris, secretions, exudates and excess sebum. Deroxen Pet Line Oto is also indicated as an adjunct to the terapiefarmacologica of otitis characterized by increased presence of earwax, erythema, exudates, alterations of the local microbial flora (bacteria and yeasts), in order to defend the restoration of normal physiological conditions and the conduit integrity external auditory and auricle. Deroxen Pet Line OTO can be used for irrigation of the root canal. Components Water, coccoylamidopropyl betaine, calendula glycolic extract, dielicriso glycolic extract, chlorhexidine digluconate 0.27%. Does not contain parabens, dyes, lauryl sulfates (SLS and SLES). Method of use Instill the solution into the ear canal 1-3 times a week as follows: - cats and small dogs: 2 sprayed per ear; - dogs up to 20 kg: 4 sprays per ear; - dogs over 20 kg: 6 sprayed per ear. Gently massage the base of the ear for 2-3 minutes and then remove the protruding earwax with gauze or hygienic wipe (avoid using sharp instruments or cotton swabs to avoid injury inside the ear canal). For animals with diseases affecting the ear, always contact your Veterinary Doctor. storage Valid for intact packaging: 60 months. Format 75 ml bottle.
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