Dietor Mini Dolcif Avail 300cpr

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Dietor Mini Dolcif Avail 300cpr
Mini Dietor Sweetener Indications: for all those who want to limit your intake of sugar or follow programmialimentari to reduced calorie intake without sacrificing the pleasure of sweetness. How to use: due to its high sweetening power, can be used inquantitaridottissime; For this reason, it is sufficient to compressina Dietor Mini perottenere the same sweetness of a teaspoon of sugar but with a contribution caloricopraticamente zero. Dietor dolcificareindifferentemente Mini can be used for hot or cold beverages. 1 tablet Dietor Minidolcifica as 1 uncucchiaino sugar. Features: ideal sweetener to sweeten hot and cold beverages. ?a basis of Aspartame, a sweetener 200 times more intensive sweetening sugar and derivadall'associazione of two naturally occurring amino acids: L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine, a natural constituent of the proteins present in many foods that we nutriamoabitualmente; is, therefore, an extremely safe product. It disponibilenei following formats: - Dispenser for 120 tablets of 50 mg each, - Dispenser 300 tablets of 50 mg each. Components: Aspartame; lactose; stabilizers: microcrystalline cellulose, carbossimetilcellulosa.Il product contains a source of phenylalanine. Cod. 5122/5127/5120
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