Ducray Neoptide Lotion Man 100ml

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Ducray Neoptide Lotion Man 100ml
Ducray Neoptide Lotion man The Laboratoires Ducray Dermatologiques make a step forward by focusing on the way WNT action, which extends the life of the hair and helps in making the physiological growth. 1 patent: With new and patented association (1) of two attivicomplementari and synergistic principles, Ducray innovative research and gives men the first lotion (2) with effective active on the factors responsible for the fall of chronic hair, since the early signals . 2 active ingredients: 2 The assets used, the Peptidoxyl-4 and Monolaurin act on three factors responsible for hair loss. 3 actions: LEVEL OF "VIA WNT" The patented association peptidoxyl-4 / monolaurin allows to normalize the way WNT action, deficient in androgenetic alopecia. LEVEL "VASCULAR" The peptidoxyl-4 helps prolong the anagen phase by improving the intake of nutrients at the root of the hair. LEVEL "HORMONE" The Monolaurin counteracts the acceleration of the hair cycle, and the thinning of the hair. This triple effectiveness of assets contributes to a normalization of the hair cycle, braking the fall and improving the physiological growth of hair. HOW TO USE THE PRODUCT? Ideally, treatments for hair loss should be used continuously. We recommend using Neoptide Lotion man for at least 3 months, 2 times a year. Adults Only. DIRECTIONS 'USE SPRAY a few centimeters from the scalp favoring mainly the areas with the most hair loss. MASSAGE to penetrate well the lotion AVOID making a shampoo within 2 hours after application of the product
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