Ekeep S2 Shoulder Stabilizer Size 00

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Ekeep S2 Shoulder Stabilizer Size 00
Ekeep Shoulder Stabilizer S2 Size 00 Shoulder Stabilizer(R) S2 is the first guardian antilussazione shoulder who dresses like a shirt, with the ability to be worn under clothing without being invasive. It is a guardian intended particularly for people suffering from recurrent shoulder dislocation, often in young people: a painful event so as to determine the fear that recurrence. S2 Shoulder Stabilizer(R) preserves shoulder movements lussativi allowing to carry out, within the limits of possibility and waiting to undergo any surgery, everyday tasks and a moderate sport activity, regulating and controlling the movements of abduction and external rotation. Than traditional guardians on the market, that block the articulation, S2 Shoulder Stabilizer(R) allows sufferers to laxity of the shoulder to move in the right way and to fulfill a normal life.
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