Elmex Toothpaste Protection 75ml

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Elmex Toothpaste Protection 75ml
Elmex Cure Protection Toothpaste Within seconds, the amine fluoride contained in the elmex PROTEZIONE CARIE is incorporated into the dental enamel, hardening it and making it more resistant to acids. Thanks to its special surface activity, the amine fluoride forms a protective film that distributes homogeneously and adheres to all the surfaces of the teeth. In this way, the elmex PROTECTION CARIE PROTECTION offers long-term protection and helps to re-mineralize the initial karyosis lesions below the tooth surface. Its properties have been scientifically proven in more than 400 academic researches. Target For daily protection from permanent tooth decay. Main advantages A more effective shear protection with long-term storage effect due to amine fluoride. The special active principle re-mineralises the initial lesions. Fluoride content 1,400 ppm
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