Emonor 50tav 0.44g 724

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Emonor 50tav 0.44g 724
Emonor TABLETS Indications: hemorrhoids. How to use: 1-2 tablets during meals. Features: Oak, cypress and hamamelis are vasoconstrictors, astringents and venous tonic; - the Asian centella and the gingko biloba improve the elasticity of ecapillary veins, reduce the permeability of the vessels, attenuate the swelling, reactivate collagen production; - rusko has vasoconstrictor, decongestant and anti-haemorrhagic effects. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to individual components. For the presence of Gingko Biloba, this product is contraindicated in chemo-anticoagulant subjects. Components: Bark oak; Amamelide bark; Berry cypress; Gingko biloba leaves; ruscoradice; Pepe cajenna; Asian centella leaves. Cod. 724
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