Eos Fitless Plus Food Supplement 500ml

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Eos Fitless Plus Food Supplement 500ml
Eos Fitless Plus Dietary supplement Birch based nutrition supplement, pineapple and vegetable extracts, useful for promoting lipid metabolism and weight control in low calorie and comeconitorous dietary regimens for the physiological purification of the insect-free liquid body. Birch lymph Diuretics, drainage, anti-inflammatory especially useful in case of erythema cellulitis. Fucus Known for its stimulation of thyroid function, it can protect against intestinal mucous membranes and facilitate proper transitional hysterectomy. Pomegranate Strong antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, pot-protector. Castanea blurs gems From the elective draining action on the lower limbs, with anti-dehydrogenic and dehydrating fabric action. Fagus sylvatica gems From renal and hepatic depurative activity, useful in retinal detachment as well as in cellulite edema. Pineapple stem Bromelain is a lipolytic and protein enzyme. Recognizing activity-demanding and edema at the origin of cellulite hypodermosis. Fennel seeds Anti-fermentative, useful diuretics in case of abdominal swelling. Action on digestive and dyspeptic diatonia. Water retention and edema. Pilosella Significant renal depuracy (antiuric acid, hypoazotemic decloruration), ediuretic. Dry green tea extract Strong antioxidant, rich in epigallocatechins and theophylline, stimulates the demobilization of fat tissues for energy purposes, and also reduces the blood levels of lipid cholesterol. Ingredients 166.8 mg for 30 ml Maceratoglyceric birch 3500 mg Pineapple extracted aquatic carbonate stalk 750 mg Pilosella leaves extracted with concentrated water 300 mg Green tea leaf extracted aqueous concentrate 300 mg Pomegranate concentrated juice 300 mg Cranberry black berries concentrated aqueous extract 300mg Castanea macerated ginger glycerine bud 200mg Fagus sylvatica glycerol macerated gem 200mg Fennel semi-extracted aqueous concentrate 180 mg Concentrated aqueous extract extract Dried rootstock extracted concentrate 150 mg Other ingredients: water, fructose; emulsifier: glycerin; acidity regulator: citric acid, sweetening: sucralose; aroma: pomegranate; preservative: potassium sorbate. How to use Shake well before use. Take 1 10 ml ml diluted in a glass of water per day up to 3 volumes per day; 2 15 ml diluted 1 liter of water to absorb the day's bow. Warnings Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied diet. For children, it is recommended to hear the doctor's opinion. Do not take during pregnancy and during lactation. storage Store at room temperature, avoid exposure to sources of heat and sunlight; the expiration date refers to the properly preserved inconsistent product. Place in the refrigerator (+ 4 ? C) once the bottle has been ejaculated within 40 days. Format 500 ml bottle.
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