Equidral Integrat 10bust

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Equidral Integrat 10bust
Equidral Indications Treatment of dehydration caused by acute diarrhea, altered by equilibrielettrolitici, vomiting, gastroenteritis, by sweating. Dosage and method of use Administered ad libitum or second medical opinion. After a suitable period direidratazione, you need to start re-feeding continuing action reidratante.Sciogliere the contents of one sachet always in 250 ml of water (eg. A biberonintero), and stir until completely dissolved. Characteristics Characterized by the taste and aroma of sweet orange. The excellent palatability and ilsapore known and particularly pleased the children significantly increases the assunzionedel product and ensures the continuity of the dietary treatment. Equidrale even better if the water and cool slightly. Characteristics Glucooligosaccaride prebiotic. Format 10 sachets.
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