Erbavita Monoplanta Hops Capsules Food Supplement 60 Capsules

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Erbavita Monoplanta Hops Capsules Food Supplement 60 Capsules
Erbavita Monoplanta capsules Hop The Hops, a natural source of rutoside, it is useful to favor physiological relaxation and assist the night. How to use: We should take 2 to 4 capsules per day, during the day and at night before bedtime with water. ingredients: Retrieved EVFE(R) (Erba Vita FibrEnzimatico) Hops [Hops (Humulus lupulus L.) cones dry extract, standardized to 0.4% total flavonoids calculated as rutoside; Hops (Humulus lupulus L.) strobili dust, Inuzyme(R) (Fibrazyme: fermented maltodextrin, inulin; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate)]. CONSUMER INFORMATION QUALITY OF HERBS FROM LIFE CHOICES GRASS. Erba Vita, a company with over thirty years of experience in the herbal industry, has a complete line of single-component medicinal plants, all manufactured using highly titrated and standardized extracts, to ensure the maximum amount of active ingredients. The choice of plant extracts, has always been based on the tradition of use and on scientific evidence. The complete range, both of raw materials and formats, allows you to meet the different physiological needs and recruitment. THE ONLY WITH EVFE (R) OR WITH ACTIVE FIBER TO PROMOTE THE CONSUMPTION. The Monoplanta Capsules Erba Vita is a line of food supplements in capsules of plant origin, made up of standardized formulations that ensure the constant supply of active ingredients and quality that remains consistent over time. With the utmost respect of the biochemical and functional characteristics of the plant, researchers from Erba Vita have developed a unique system to maximize the effectiveness of Monoplanta capsules, using two extracts: EVFE(R) and "ACTIVE FIBER." EVFE(R) is an original mixture of an enzymatic complex consisting of dry extract, micronized powder and Inuzyme(R) (Fibrazyme(R) + Inulin, which is a special "active fiber") which releases the nutrients trapped in the plant fibers to amplify their action. In some types of Monoplanta, (for example, plants rich in fibers or mucilages, seaweed, plant extracts to sawmills), to amplify the effectiveness and to optimize the absorption of the active principles, it is necessary and sufficient for the action of the single Inulin, the so-called "ACTIVE FIBER", which brings an important prebiotic action.
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