Erbavita Line Venis Venis Relief Cold Gel 150ml

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Erbavita Line Venis Venis Relief Cold Gel 150ml
Erbavita Online Venis Relief Venis Cold Gel Feeling of freshness and lightness. How to use: apply the gel on the legs, massaging from the bottom up, until completely absorbed. It recommends two applications per day, preferably morning and evening. To optimize the treatment we recommend taking in synergy with the other products in the line Relief Venis. ingredients: red vine extracts, mint, Centella, Ginkgo biloba, witch hazel and sweet clover. How to promote the welfare of the legs? In addition to using the Venis Relief line Erba Vita, there are a few little tricks that help to encourage a tonic action on the legs. o Do not stay too long stop in the same position. If, for example, you are forced to work to stand for a long time, it is recommended to get up frequently on his toes. Also avoid sitting in the same position or keep her legs crossed for a long time. o Conduct adequate physical activity preferring sports like swimming, but also easy walks. o Take proper food lifestyle. Feed themselves adequately, preferring light and healthy foods, avoiding overweight. o Sleep with your legs in the discharge position, that is slightly raised. o Do not often wear shoes with high heels. o Use compression stockings to aid circulation. o Avoid hot baths and prolonged exposure to the sun: the heat can cause vasodilation of the veins and venous insufficiency help. o Check for chronic constipation with appropriate dietary lifestyles.
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