Erbavita Tisane 100g Rhubarb Compound

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Erbavita Tisane 100g Rhubarb Compound
Erbavita herbal teas rhubarb Compound It can be used as a digestive, but also possesses laxative and purgative depending on the dose. What is it Rhubarb (Rheum species) is a perennial herbaceous plant present in the wild in Europe and Asia with about 60 species. Equipped with a large rhizome, it can reach a height of around two meters. The leaves are large and supported by a long stem and fleshy flowers, white or purple-YELLOWISH are gathered in panicles. Rhubarb has a use is food is medicine, for the latter, the species of choice is Rheum palmatum, also known as Chinese rhubarb A food purposes using the long leaves reddish stem mainly for jams or as a bitter tonic for digestive drinks and in many preparations. The use of the leaves of the spinach is not recommended as a substitute for the high content of oxalic acid which, in addition to irritate the intestinal mucosa and encourage the formation of kidney stones , at high doses is toxic. When it can be used Taken at low doses has primarily a digestive function and mild laxative. At higher doses exerts a real purgative action. It should also be taken only in the presence of episodes of occasional constipation since the continuous use for more than eight to ten days addictive, less effective and the risk of a deterioration of constipation. Mechanism of Action Rhubarb is rich in polyphenols, and in particular flavonoids and tannins, and anthracene derivatives (rhein) to which must be mainly ascribed to the ability to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, the excretion of bile from the gallbladder and intestinal peristalsis. At low dosages in this action is accompanied by a mild effect laxative due to the increase of the motility of the intestinal smooth muscle, which, however, becomes purgative at higher dosages because of the reduced reabsorption of water and mineral salts induced by its active ingredients. How does The herbal product can be in the form of infusion, hydro alcoholic extract or powder. The best form is, however, the dry extract titrated in mist and derivatives hydroxyanthracene expressed as queen minimum 5%. dosage The dry extract dosage of 2 to 4 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Titration anthracene derivative, expressed as queen, is of 5 percent. It is preferable that the intake is done in a single evening dose. Side effects It can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain fall in potassium levels It is contraindicated in children under 12, pregnant and lactating women (makes the unpleasant taste of milk to the baby), in case of occlusion or sub-bowel obstruction and in those suffering from diverticula. Its intake can interfere with drugs used in cardiac arrhythmias (chinidinici, digitalis, beta-blockers), with diuretics, with vincamine and with fenoxedil.
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