Erbavita teas Bancha The Toasted Action Antiossidante100g

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Erbavita teas Bancha The Toasted Action Antiossidante100g
Erbavita herbal teas The Bancha Toasted Action Antioxidant Among the benefits of Bancha tea it is to promote digestion, speed up metabolism and to be a true concentrate of beneficial substances such as calcium, vitamin A and iron (so perfect for those who are slightly anemic!). The presence of antioxidants makes then this Japanese tea a good ally of view and bones, can be used to relieve the symptoms of menopause, to purify and alkalize the blood, lower a little 'blood sugar and of course deflate and drain, given its strong diuretic power! And 'high tea for children as it contains very little protein, in Japan they drink it young and old at any time of the day because it provides energy and helps to stay active without too excited nervous system. How to make tea bancha You can leave to infuse covered for 5 minutes in water at about 80 ? (not boiling) water and then strain. It only takes a spoon to a liter of water. Small branches can also be used a second time by boiling a few minutes more. Of course, to best enjoy this tea from the hot flavor and a bit 'woody and get all the benefits listed above, must never be added sugar, the limit you can sweeten with honey or other natural syrups and malts.
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