The Erbavita And Herbal Teas The Chinese Ve 100g

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The Erbavita And Herbal Teas The Chinese Ve 100g
Erbavita The E Teas Chinese Green Tea Chinese green tea is one of the most drunk in the world. In China, green tea is named depending on the province of origin or of the place where he was born. Chinese green teas there are many, the best known are the Gunpowder, Pi Luo Chun, the Long Jing, The Mao Feng, the Hua Ding, Plum blossom. Among them stands out above all ilGunpowder Chinese green teas, the most exported Chinese green tea, nicknamed "gunpowder" because its leaves are rolled into small very closed pallette that look like grains of explosive mixture, ready to explode, or to open up when they are put in hot water. Many people appreciate the slightly smoky taste of this tea that has a high fluorine content, good for reducing dental caries. The Gunpowder is slightly bitter and has a full aroma. And 'the most popular green tea in China and easy to find in stores, but also in health food stores and supermarkets, Italian. The Pi Luo Chun is a high quality green tea, has rolled leaves spiral, it is also nicknamed Green Spiral, has a sweet taste, mild and slightly fruity. This Chinese green tea comes from the Jiangsu area, its collection is done in early spring. Long Jing, the famous Dragon Wall, is a high quality Chinese green tea that has won 26 times regional and national awards. It comes from Kaihua and is the most loved by the Chinese green tea. Its cost is quite high. Plum blossom is a Chinese green pregiatissimote, sweet and fragrant, with a full and unmistakable taste, it is also recognized for the unusual shape of the leaves flower. The flower petals are six, and each petal is kept a precious bud. The long and special finishing process, as well as the taste that touches even the most juicy apricot notes, make a contemplation tea. L 'Hua Ding is a Chinese green tea: already in ancient times Buddhist monks cultivated it around their temple. Legend has it that a Japanese monaco visiting the temple fell in love with Chinese green tea he brought the plant in Japan, from the spread here. The Mao Feng is a high quality Chinese green tea grown to 800 meters above sea level, in fact, it comes from Mount Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain China. Curiosity: If you are invited to drink tea in China, at least two cups must be drunk as not to offend the master of the house!
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