The Erbavita And Teas White Tea Pai Mu Tan 100g

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The Erbavita And Teas White Tea Pai Mu Tan 100g
Erbavita The E Teas The White Pai Mu Tan The White Tea PAI MU TAN is a very popular and sought after white tea from China, from the region of Fujian, chosen by connoisseurs as the finest tea in the world. Also called 'White Peony' and Emperor's Tea, PAI means white, Mu Tan 'pink Pentecost', this precious tea is characterized by large leaf, long and full, slightly curled, whitish-silvery. This tea is made from apical buds and the first two tender leaves, downy, open, gray-green color. Harvest only in the morning and only in the spring. It is dried in the sun and roasted with care, without being shot he pressed. For this reason the leaf keeps the white-silver top and unaltered. PAI MU TAN is a leading tea magic legends, which are attributed healing properties. Its taste is very soft, velvety and light, floral, honey, slightly herbaceous. The color in the cup is bright and clear. No wonder that tea "Pai Mu Tan" is one of the most popular Chinese teas and the best approach to the 1000 Chinese tea world. Best quality, most intact are the leaves and numerous white gems. Brewing tea PAI MU TAN To enhance the aroma of this tea is recommended to infuse for 7-10 minutes of 2/3 g of tea per person using water at 70/80 ? The TE properties: natural content: very rich in vitamin C, and also vit. A, B2, B12, as well as calcium, potassium, ac. phosphoric, manganese, copper, zinc, nickel; glycosides, purine bases (caffeine), polyphenols (very abundant (30%) consist of phenolic acids (chlorogenic, caffeic acid, gallic), hydrolysable tannins, flavonoids, epiafzelechina); dimers flavanici (proantocianidoli), carotenoids; green tea contains about double of catechins (polyphenols class) of the black one.
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