Esopent Polyvalent Treatment For Hair Shampoo 200ml

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Esopent Polyvalent Treatment For Hair Shampoo 200ml
Esopent Versatile Shampoo Treatment For Hair Shampoo formulated with a mixture of mild surfactants, low poteredelipidizzante, which allow a frequent use and assure a delrivestimento keratinic protection of the hair and a decrease dell'elettricitastatica, resulting in excellent combability and shine. It is indicated neilavaggi frequent of all types of hair, in particular of those weak and fragili.Negli intervals of specific Haircare treatments and as an adjuvant in trattamentianticaduta. It can also be used by pediatric guys chesvolgono sports activities (gym, pool, table football, ...) washing Contemporaneamenteall'azione plays balsamic activities and leaves the hair soft ebrillanti on a cleansed skin. Slightly acidified with lactic acid. Associates unadetersione delicate pleasure and practicality of the foam. How to use It applies to wet hair and massage until a rich lather, wait a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. It can be usatoquotidianamente. Format 200ml bottle.
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