Esteem Synergy Pia Mod 22-33 5

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Esteem Synergy Pia Mod 22-33 5
Esteem Synergy FLAT PLATE WITH TECHNOLOGY MODELLABILE EC Medical Device Class I. The flat plate with Moldable Technology Esteem synergy consists undisco adhesive central trilaminar comprising: an upper layer in TecnologiaDurahesive(R), an intermediate layer of polyethylene film and a layer in contact with the skin in thelatest technology Stomahesive(R). The support ring is surrounded bya flexible microporous adhesive patch completely covered by a thin layer diidrocolloide in contact with the skin. Featuring exclusive Moldable Technology, the adhesive skin barrier conforms to the shape and extent of stomiasemplicemente shaping the adhesive with your fingers, without requiring utilizzodelle scissors. Moreover, thanks to the unique technology of adhesive bonding ACT (Adhesive Coupling Technology), plaque and collection bag engage through unmeccanismo adhesive. This system ensures at the same time: safety seal; skin protection; ease of use; atraumaticitaall'applicazione and removal; hermetically sealed against liquid spills and finally odoried flexibility and discretion. - The adhesive moldable, thanks to technology Elastic Memory (ReboundingMoldable Technology (TM)), gently hugs the contour of the stoma adattandosiad it safely and personalized and minimizing the risk of leaks. - The top layer in Technology Durahesive(R) when it comes into contact with glieffluenti swells, absorbing moisture and forms a caratteristicocollarino ("effect necked turtle") around the stoma, proteggendolodal contact with effluents and prolonging the time of permanence in deldispositivo situ. - The layer in contact with the skin in Technology Stomahesive(R) ensures altaprotezione skin. - The profile of the thin hydrocolloid patch makes this dispositivoparticolarmente also indicated in patients with abdominal profile irregular or addomegloboso ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The preparation of the skin barrier is easy and fast, especially for ipazienti with ostomies irregular and poor manual, and does not require the utilizzodi gauges or scissors. The skin barrier is waterproof and can essereindossata even while bathing or showering. Furthermore, the technology of fixing adesivoACT, eliminating the need for a rigid plastic flange, pazientela offers the best combination of the advantages of traditional systems, one-piece and two-piece: maximum protection of the skin in the peristomal area, maximum seal security controle infiltration, comfort, flexibility and discretion. Technical information Skin barrier with Moldable Technology, with central disc trilaminar (upper inTecnologia Durahesive(R), intermediate Film Polyethylene, lower TecnologiaStomahesive(R)) and patch flexible hydrocolloid composed of breathable polyester (microporous) on which there is a hydrocolloid adhesive. On the side esternodelle plaques, it is welded a transparent plastic film, which constitutes labase adhesion in the collection bag. Such a film is floating with respect alresto of plaque, to ensure a bonding surface smooth even in the presence diaddomi irregular. Each plate is individually packed in blister shaped. Available codes and modes of presentation / packaging Code Description Dimension stoma (mm) Dimensions External (mm) Saccada match (mm) Units per package 416984 Small 13-22 (114x114) 48 mm 5 plates 416985 Average 22-33 (114x114) 48 mm 5 plates 416986 Big 33-45 (125x125) 61 mm 5 plates
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