EUBOS Cr Normalizer Face 50ml

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EUBOS Cr Normalizer Face 50ml
EUBOS CREAM NORMALISING Indications: particularly suitable for the protection of irritated and dry skin. How to use: for optimum effectiveness, applied daily to the skin and make penetraremassaggiando slightly. Features: the oil in water emulsion is absorbed quickly, does not make the skin shiny CryptoStream also referred to as make-up base. The System Multifunction active acts against free radicals and oxidative stress. It contains: - Phyco-oligosaccharide: obtained from brown seaweed (Laminaria digitata) through unospeciale enzymatic process; exerts a protective function on cells, immune lecellule protects the skin from harmful UV rays (as demonstrated by in vivo tests) and haproprieta anti-inflammatory; - Vitamin E: the complete anti-radical action; - Glycyrrhetinic acid beta: active substance derived from the extract of the root diliquirizia, exerts a particularly effective against irritazionicutanee and promotes the natural regeneration of the skin; - Hydro-factor controller with panthenol: well-balanced mixture of natural substances diritenzione water and panthenol help to improve balance igroscopicodella skin, mitigating wrinkles from dryness; - Oil and macadamico selection: protective components in plant-based hydro-lipid supportanol'equilibrio. The excellent skin tolerance, even for sensitive skin eproblematica (eczematous subjects) was confirmed by skin tests to unrinomato college. The tests, carried out on the use and tolerability even showed exceptional unbeneficio in susceptible individuals during dell'utilizzopratico. Cod. 1123
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