EUBOS Urea 10% Emu / loz Co400ml

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EUBOS Urea 10% Emu / loz Co400ml
EUBOS BODY LOTION 10% UREA Indications: for very dry, itchy and scaly, as an adjuvant in terapiemediche, if eg. atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and diabetes. Significantly increases the degree of hydration of the skin svolgendoun'azione keratolytic and limits the itching sensation. How to use: Apply several times a day with a light massage until absorbed. Characteristics: It contains: - Urea: substance and physiological component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin chetrattiene moisture thanks to its activities hygroscopic; - Sodium lactate Natural: another component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor dellapelle. The acid L - (+) - lactic acid and its salt are effective moisturizing and promuovonoil physiological process of cell regeneration; - Glycerin: hydrating substance proven, plays a ritardantedell'evaporazione dermal layer surface; - Allantoin: exerts a skin restoring the skin rough and screpolatafavorendo so a more rapid healing of small lesionicutanee; It has anti-inflammatory properties. It does not contain perfume, lanolin, dyes and parabens. Cod. 1333/1587
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