Noreva Exfoliac Cleansing Gel 200ml

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Noreva Exfoliac Cleansing Gel 200ml
Noreva Exfoliac Cleansing Gel FAVORISTS THE ELIMINATION OF THE IMPERFECTIONS Specially designed to gently clean young skin with imperfections, Exfoliac Cleansing Gel promotes the elimination of impurities, regulates the secretion of sebum respecting skin pH. It reduces bacterial proliferation and purifies the epidermis for a long time. Thanks to daily use, the skin appears healthier, the pores shrink and the complexion becomes brighter. Posology and method of use: Apply morning and evening on the moistened skin of face, chest and back Massage into a foam, rinse and dry without rubbing Components: Zinc: regulates the secretion of sebum and purifies the epidermis, reduces bacterial proliferation AHA: promotes the absorption of zinc into hair follicles for better efficacy Gentle surfactants + glycerol derivatives: gently cleanse avoiding sebum hypersecretion Without parabens Hypoallergenic Non-comedogenic Excellent skin compatibility Package : 200ml bottle
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