Fisian Det Skin / mucous 200ml

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Fisian Det Skin / mucous 200ml
Fisian CLEANER Indications: for the routine cleaning of the skin and mucosa intimate. How to use: detergent: - Regular cleaning of the skin and mucous membranes: use the solution as a liquid comunesapone on the areas to be cleaned, after being wet. Rinse edasciugare with a soft cloth; - Cleaning prior orthodermic in sports: use the solution comeun common bath and shower for cleaning the entire body, including the hair, after ogniallenamento especially those performed in hot-humid environment (swimming pools). Envelopes ready for use: - Cleaning attenuated skin and irritated mucous membranes: pour the contents of an envelope in 250ccdi boiled water or saline solution and wipe the affected areas, senzarisciacquo, with the help of gauze or cotton wool soaked in the product; - Cleaning of the external genitalia and anal region after surgery: versareil contents of a bag of water bidet and perform ablutions of partiinteressate. It is recommended that you use the solution after each evacuation or urination; - Cleaning of the oral cavity: prepare a solution by dissolving an envelope colluttoria inmiddle glass of water and wipe with gauze soaked, carefully and gently, the mucosaorale. Avoid ingestion; - Cleaning of the breast during the postnatal period, before each feeding, wipe accuratamentel'areola and the nipple, using a gauze soaked in the solution. Dry conpanno soft. Features: dermofunzionale accordance with the law 713 of 11/10/1986 of the Ministry dellaSanita and subsequent amendments. - Cleaner: rinse solution for cleaning the skin and mucous membranes, compresaquella anogenital easily irritated by external agents. - Envelopes: not active solution to rinse, to be used directly on the skin and mucous membranes, including the oral, soothing cleaning. Property: - Chlorhexidine (1,6-di-4-clorofenildiguanido-hexane) compound active against a Vastagamma of pathogenic species, gram-negative and gram-positive, fungi, yeasts and virus.? able to bind to the negatively charged groups present deimicrorganismi on the wall, resulting in membrane damage and loss of strutturecitoplasmatiche. It inhibits the enzyme ativita and the number of inflammatory leucocitinell'essudato. - Propolis (flavonols, flavones, xantorreolo, isovanillina, acetossibetulenolo): bacteriostatic action sulfamido-like and anti-fungal. Adaptivity antibiotic due to the presence of benzoic acid and cinnamic acid; for lapresenza caffeine has a power antifungal. Useful for control of bacterial skin alcuneforme (gram-positive) and supported by the fungus candida. - Centella asiatica: the main active constituents are triterpene acids (acidoasiatico and madecassic acid) and triterpene glycosides (asiaticoside emadecassoside) skin restoring properties of the skin and mucous membranes. Useful neiprocessi reconstructive dermal: injuries, burns, bedsores, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids. Warnings: Do not ingest. Dispose of properly after use. Components: water; disodium laureth; sulfosuccinate; salvia officinalis; camomile recutita; hamamelisvirginiana; chlorhexide digluconate; propylene glycol; Gotu Kola; propolis wax, xanthan gum; imidazolidinyl urea; methylisothiazolinone; methylchloroisothiazolinone, disodium EDTA; peppermint; Citrus sinensis. Format: - 200 ml bottle of cleaning solution. - 10 packs of 200 ml active solution.
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