Fixomull Stretch Garza Adhesive TNT 200x10cm

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Fixomull Stretch Garza Adhesive TNT 200x10cm
Fixomull Stretch Garza Adhesive Medical device. self-adhesive gauze in non extensible woven. hypoallergenic self-adhesive strip for fixing dressings on large areas GOVERNED frequent movements. Features White non-woven polyester support. Adhesive mass polyacrylate ipoallergenico.Non contains natural resins and rubbers representing a potential allergenico.Flessibile, conformable, radiolucent, permeable to air and vaporeacqueo. Format Available in sizes: 2-meter truck width for 10 and 15 cm in height; 5 m lunghezzaper 5 cm in height; 10 m in length by 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 cm in height. Cod. 020330000102/020360000007/020370000007/4042809016840/4042809017687/4042809017717/4042809017748/4042809017779/4042809017595/4042809016574
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