Fleboral 300 5cps

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Fleboral 300 5cps
Fleboral 300 5 capsules 300 mg Therapeutic indications Fleboral 300 5 capsules 300 mg is a food supplement able to promote the physiological functions of the microcirculation, it is a product indicated in case of venous insufficiency, edema of the legs. How should I take Fleboral 300 5 capsules 300 mg? In a very simple way it is enough to take 1 capsule a day or according to medical advice, accompanying it with simple water at room temperature, drunk in small sips. Specific characteristics of Fleboral 300 5 capsules 300 mg dietary supplement. Procyanidolic oligomers (OPCs) are bioflavonoids, which in numerous studies have demonstrated that they possess actions on the vascular wall of the lower limbs and the plexed hemorrhoid. Their action favors the tropism of the microcirculation and the functionality of the vascular permeability. During the inflammatory processes, enzymes and radicalilibers that damage the endothelium of the blood vessels are released in great quantity. OPCs inhibit these enzymocyte proteins and neutralize the effect of free radicals with their antioxidant activity. Warnings and conservation of the product This product should not be taken during pregnancy. The supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children under three years of age, the product should be stored in a cool place away from heat and moisture. Components contained in Fleboral 300 5 capsules 300 mg vitis vinifera seed extracts: procyanidolic oligomers.
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