Flor Intoller 1bev Stv

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Flor Intoller 1bev Stv
Flor Intollerance DRINK Indications: acts favorably on the physiological functions carried out by the entire stretch digerentee in particular on the balance between the phase of assimilation and symbiotic phase eliminazione.Azione which tends to favor the growth of "friendly" bacteria in the gut. The 'combined use of the three products in the line FlorIntollerance tends to promote a balance between assimilation and elimination. How to use: 1 tablespoon 2 or 3 times daily, before meals. Children under 10years, 1 tablespoon at night before bedtime. It can be diluted in qualsiasibevenda. Components: concentrate infuzioni of plants and vegetables (carrot, nettle, couch grass, pollen difiori, plantain, angelica, yarrow, fennel, mallow, hawthorn flowers, horsetail, juniper, orange bark, rose hips, cascarilla.); juice grape '; honey; dilimone juice.
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