Formevet Korrector Seda 160ml

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Formevet Korrector Seda 160ml
Korrector Seda Indications: for the resolution of behavioral disorders characterized by anxiety and / or agitation: iperaggressivita (animals biting, threatening gestures), excessive fears (fear of noise, people, travel), hyperkinesis ("dog digger", ipergrooming, self-mutilation, masticature destructive ), vocalizations protracted and / or excessive (meow, bark day and night), senility disorders (insomnia, alterazionidello reactive state), dyspepsia digestive nervous origin (flatulence). How to use: shake vigorously the bottle and fill according to the recommended dose or 1 piucucchiaini Coffee and sal in the bowl of your dog or cat, mixing Concura to food contained in it: - Puppy and small dog (1-10 Kg) = 1, two / three times a day; - Medium-sized dog (11-25 lbs) = 1-1.5, two / three times a day; - Large dog (> 25 kg) = 2, two / three times a day; - Cat: 1, one / two times daily. Components: vitamin PP, vitamin b6, vitamin b2, vitamin E (d, l, a-tocopherol acetate); vitaminah (biotin); zinc (zinc oxide), selenium (sodium selenite), L-lysine, dl methionine, L-tryptophan, taurine, inositol, gaba; also contains estrattoconcentrato 4: 1 hop, boldo, lemon balm, chamomile, hawthorn, mint and valeriana.supporto consists of protein hydrolyzate natural chicken in seed oil girasoleq.b. to 1,000 ml. Cod. 14747
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