Formulat 2 Liq 500ml

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Formulat 2 Liq 500ml
Formulat 2 Food formulas indicated for the baby from 6 months of age onward ocome Formulat one or other formulas of departure. Thanks to ridottocontenuto protein (1.4 g / 100 ml), 2 Formulat respects the change of esigenzenutrizionali that occurs in the second half of life (weaning). Ingredients Cream of whole milk; skimmed milk; maltodextrin; lactose; vegetable oils and fats (palm oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, Betapol), concentrated whey protein; fructooligosaccharides; minerals; vitamins; oil to altocontenuto of DHA; emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids); choline; taurine, inositol; L-carnitine. How to use Shake the brik before the opening and pour its contents into biberonprecedentemente sterilized. Heat to 37 ? C and administered. Warnings Breast milk is the ideal food for the infant. Qualoral'allattamento breastfeeding is not possible or you can simply use, suconsiglio pediatrician, a formula milk. Nutritional characteristics per 100 ml Energy value 69 kcal 290 kJ Protein (N x 6.25) 1.4 g Whey protein / casein 60/40 Carbohydrates of which: Lactose Maltodextrin 8.8 g 5.0 g 3.8 g Grassi of which: Linoleic acid Acido?-linolenic Ac. Linoleic / Ac. ?-linolenic DHA Cholesterol 3.1 g 399 mg 41 mg 9.7 mg 16 mg 1.6 mg Fructooligosaccharides 0.36 g Ashes 0.43 g Sodium 24 mg Potassium 60 mg Football 78 mg Phosphorus 40 mg Calcium / Phosphorus 1.96 mg Magnesium 5.0 mg Chlorine 54 mg Iron 1.0 mg Zinc 0.69 mg Copper 9 g Iodine 10 g Manganese 4,0?g Selenium 1.0 g Fluorine 4.3 g Vitamin A 111 g RE Vitamin D3 1.4 g Vitamin E 1,3mg Vitamin K1 7.5 g Vitamin C 9.8 mg Vitamin B1 69 g Vitamin B2 88?g Vitamin B6 49 g Vitamin B12 0.14 g Niacin 0.59 mg Pantothenic Acid 0.29 mg Folic Acid 14?g Biotin 1.3 g Taurine 5.0 mg Choline 4.8 mg Inositol 2.9 mg L-Carnitine 1.3 mg Osmolarity: 274 mOsm / l PCRS: 131 mOsm / l Format 500 ml.
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